The advantages of traveling in a campervan


You often hear about the concept of "vanlife" and travel in amenity vehicles, that's normal!

This mode of transport has been on the rise for a few years and comes in great competition with the very famous motorhome. Imported straight from the United States, vanlife is a real state of mind that is now increasingly found in France. If some live the adventure daily, throughout the year, many French people are now seduced by a return to nature during their holidays, even if it means abandoning more traditional summer rentals (mobile homes, lodges, hotels …).

You would be tempted by a roadtrip in a van but you hesitate to take the plunge? We give you here all the advantages of embarking on this completely different style of travel. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Taste true freedom

The very first advantage and certainly the one that will have succeeded in convincing most people to experiment with van travel: feeling free! The fact of traveling in a converted vehicle removes all the constraints of time and organization. With your campervan, the roadtrip is at your own pace and you can even afford to change your plans at the last minute. Want to stop in a beautiful place to take photos or enjoy the scenery?

Need a restorative nap in the middle of the day? With the van, you go where you want, when you want. This is an opportunity for you to travel in a different way, going off the beaten track and making great discoveries, especially in the Aveyron territory which is full of hidden treasures.

Enjoy a practical, comfortable and all-in-one vehicle.

As we said earlier, with the van, you have all the essentials of everyday life at hand and that is not limited to sleeping. Indeed, with Trip-où, the vans are ready to go, that is to say they are equipped with a basic shower, toilet, stove, dishes and table as well as bedding. You have access to everything, anytime, anywhere! And despite what one might think, just because you are traveling in a van does not mean you will be deprived of comfort, on the contrary.

With the vans offered by Trip-où, you have a shower, which allows you to wash wherever you want (in front of a beautiful sunset for example), a hob that you can put indoors or outside (depending on the mood and the weather) as well as a compression refrigerator to preserve your food as well as possible.

Live an adventure at a lower cost

The campervan is an inexpensive form of transport and travel. First of all, for people who would like to invest in a vehicle, the overall cost price is lower than for the purchase of a motorhome. The same goes for the price of daily rental.

Then, while your trip budget will depend on length, destination and other factors, you are sure to save money by choosing this type of vacation. Indeed, the price of the accommodation and the vehicle are included in the package, you will then only have to add the ancillary costs such as gasoline (but the same goes for all other means of locomotion) or the purchase of food (which will be less compared to daily meals in restaurants).

Create memories and meet beautiful people

As we have mentioned, vanlife has become more than a trend but indeed a real state of mind. People who choose this mode of transportation are looking for an adventure-based experience and a desire to get out of a hectic lifestyle to take your time. And during your stops on different sports during your roadtrip, it will not be rare to meet people in the same situation as you, who travel the roads for a more or less long period.

You will understand that this trip will also be an opportunity to open up to others and to meet new people. Vanlifers are renowned for being welcoming and open-minded people, with whom you can share your travel tips and experiences.

This article has convinced you and you want to try the experience of a campervan trip through Aveyron. Note that in addition to offering you the rental of fully equipped vehicles, Trip-où helps and advises you in creating your personalized itinerary.

Finally, so that you are 100% ready to experience the vanelife, discover our "perfect camper pack" which will give you access to equipment for a perfect stay (camping and cooking equipment, games of all kinds and accessories for outdoor activities, etc.) .

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